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    | Leo Wei +86 13021359298 | +86 22 69555799


    We specialized to produce machines for food industry,include cooling & freezing equipment,bakery equipment,kitchen equipment,ice cream machines,processing lines for meat,dumplings,fishes,shrimps,fruits and vegetables,candies,chocolates and snack foods.Besides,we also provide site installation and commissioning services, and craft consultation services.

    Our machines have been exported to North America,South America, Europe,Australia,Africa,Southeast Asia and the Middle East areas.Our technicians have been sent to Mexico,Canada,Zambia,Costa Rica,United States,South Korea and many other countries for machines’installation and commissioning. 

    We have well-educated sales staff who can communicate with you efficiently by English.We have experienced engineers who can design machines exactly according to your special requirement.We have well-trained after-sales staff who can listen to your feedback carefully and help you in time if you have any question.

    Machines'quality and service help us get a good reputation among our clients all over the world.We are engaged in providing not only individual equipment,but also the whole production line and processing crafts.Contact us today for more information.